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Balos Beach – Guide 2022 – The Most Beautyful lagoon in Greece

Balos Beach-The Most Beautyful lagoon in Greece


Are you looking for the most beautyful beach in Greece? Balos Beach is it. My friend had no idea how beautiful this place was. Now you have to see it.

Watch and discover why you should visit the magical mirror lagoon in Balos Beach, Greece.





Balos Beach is home to Greece’s most picturesque lagoon, the Lagoon of Balos. In the northwest corner of the island of Crete, between the little cape of Gramvousa and the larger cape of Tigani, is the famed lagoon of Balos, some 56 kilometers from Chania and 17 kilometers from Kissamos.



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Μπορεί να είναι εικόνα 2 άτομα, ακτή, ωκεανός και φύση


Balos is unquestionably Crete’s most photographed beach and a popular topic for travel books visiting Greece. Visiting Balos aboard a private boat with Prince Charles and Princess Diana many years ago was no accident.


The island of Balos is well-known for its azure seas, lush natural surroundings, and stunning unique landscape.




Balos receives thousands of visitors each summer, the most of whom come through the boats that depart from Kissamos port.




For those who dislike large crowds, July and August are the best months to avoid going to the beach. Arriving in Balos early in the morning, before the boats from Kissamos arrive, is another excellent suggestion.





Balos Beach





These little moments of alone in such a beautiful location will stay with you forever.


Balos Beach



On the island of Balos, the lagoon is surrounded by pristine white beaches and crystal-clear turquoise water.





The water is child-friendly due to its shallowness and warmth. Because of the millions of broken shells, the sand has a wonderful pinkish tint in several areas.


The water is cooler and deeper beyond the lagoon’s outer rocks, making it an excellent place for snorkeling. The Natura 2000 initiative protects the lagoon and surrounding land, which are home to several unique species of plants and animals.


Balos Beach

Several species of birds, including eleonora falcons, shags, and cormorants, make their homes in the area’s caverns. It’s also a refuge for endangered species like the monk seal and loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta).




Canteens and umbrellas have started to show up despite the security measures. Water may be purchased both at these locations and from the ferries’ bars.



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Balos Beach – Access

There are three methods to go to Balos. You may get here by taking the early morning boat from Kissamos, which departs every day (around 25 to 30 Euros).


Balos Beach


You’ll be able to observe the untamed coastline of Peninsula Gramvousa, as well as the scars left behind by an earthquake that jolted it upwards by 6-9m in 365AD.


Dolphins may accompany you if you’re fortunate. While on Imeri Gramvousa islet, the boat will drop you off to a unique beach with views of an ancient fortification and a sunken ship.


It is possible to travel along the gravel road from Kaliviani to Cape Gramvousa without taking a boat or having a vehicle or motorcycle.


There is a nominal charge at Kaliviani that goes toward protecting the Gramvousa Reserve and maintaining the road. At the end of a 10-kilometer stretch of road, there’s a large parking lot adjacent to a canteen that looks out over the lagoon below.


Balos and Gramvousa are seen in the distance in this stunning panorama. You may stroll down the 1km route to the ocean or, better yet, to paradise from there. The incline makes it difficult to go back to the parking lot without being out of breath.


Balos Beach



A more exhilarating method of reaching Balos is to hike for three hours from Kaliviani over the harsh and desolate Gramvousa and Platyskinos mountain ranges. Make sure you’re prepared by wearing a hat and bringing lots of water.


The modest chapel of Saint George in Tigani is worth a visit if you’re in Balos.

Tigani also has a vast cavern where Turkish killings in 1825 resulted in the deaths of many women and children.


The Christians had taken refuge in a cave, but the Turks had learned of their presence there and slaughtered the whole population. The location of the victims’ remains is memorialized with a sign.


Another ancient Roman settlement with an Apollo temple may be found north of Balos on Cape Korykon. It’s now home to Saint Sozon’s lovely chapel.



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