Elafonisi Beach – The Best Beach In Greece

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Elafonisi Beach – The Best Beach In Greece


elafonisi beach


Elafonisi beach. I had the amazing opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. I simply do not want you to miss out on one of the most amazing beach experiences ever! Do you want to go to Elafonisi? No offence but if you don’t, this guide is for you!


Day trippers from all over the world go to Elafonisi beach in the south-west of Crete, whether by car, bus, or boat. Most people come here for the unusual experience of being in a South Seas lagoon while on a Mediterranean vacation. That’s the major draw.


elafonisi beach


The untamed beauty of a desolate region has been mostly destroyed as a result of Elafonisi’s growing appeal. In the summer, the beach is jam-packed with sun loungers, and the lagoon is buzzing with activity.


However, you may still get a sense of the wild by walking away from the point where the road terminates and across the lagoon to reach an island in the distance (a protected nature reserve where no sun beds are allowed). Continue strolling down the sand until you find a secluded cove. You won’t be alone, but at least you’ll be at peace.


elafonisi beach

Elafonisi major draw is its stunning white-sand beaches, which are bordered by pink coral sand, and its glistening blue lagoon and sea. Because it’s in a distant part of Crete, it has a wilderness feel to it because you’re far away from anything of importance.


If you go at a popular period, you’ll be in close proximity to the hundreds (if not thousands) of other visitors who had the same same idea as you.


But don’t give up hope… you can still get away from the throng if you move away from them a little bit. For the most part, people are too lazy or uninspiring to go much farther than where they just parked.


elafonisi beach


The island is just a short walk away! Head to the island by wading across the lagoon’s knee-deep water (if the channel shuts, you may walk the whole distance without getting your feet wet).


Many little beaches can be found on the South side of the island, and they get more tranquil as you move farther inland. Considering how shallow the water is, this is a great place for families with little children.


elafonisi beach


A promontory with a tiny lighthouse and church is at the western extremity of the island (of very little interest). Just because you’re at a greater elevation, you’ll have better views of the surrounding region.


Sea movement breaks up and grinds up vast amounts of red and pink shells, resulting in the pink and red sand seen at the water’s edge.


elafonisi beach


Elafonisi has a wide variety of plants and flowers since it is a protected region (Natura 2000 site as well as a Micro-Reserve for the protection and study of Androcymbium rechingeri).


There are 110 plant species on the island, making it a botanist’s paradise. Sea daffodils, Androcymbium rechingeri, Marram grass, and indigenous Juniper trees are among the region’s most remarkable natural features.


Elafonisi beach – Visitors’ amenities

To get to Elafonisi beach, you’ll have to travel along a gravel road. For the most part, this is not a problem as long as you drive cautiously.


Near the shore, there is no shortage of free parking.Sun loungers and umbrellas take up the main beach during the tourist season. Several beach bars provide beverages and food, however the selection is quite limited. Toilets (for which you must pay) are close, as are showers and a few change rooms.



When you get to the island itself there’s nothing to keep you from wandering around and trampling all over the plants, but the Juniper trees have been roped off (to keep visitors from disturbing them) and a few paths have been marked (especially one to the island’s western tip and the lighthouse that follows near the rocky north shore) to discourage them from doing so.


The majority of visitors arrive at Elafonisi by renting a vehicle. Topolia and Elos are on the most direct route from the North Coast. Expect to drive slowly since the route is quite narrow and twisty (it will take you at least 90 minutes to get there from Chania and an hour to get there from Kissamos).


Another path follows the West Crete shore and soars over it. Beautiful scenery, however the trip takes a long time. It’s an alternative return path if you don’t want to go via Elos.



Driving from Paleochora is also an option, however the most direct route includes part of a dirt road and is only recommended for 4×4 vehicles. A bit over an hour is needed for the asphalted route that goes via Elos.


During the tourist season, a few public buses leave from Chania if you don’t want to drive.


From the resorts on Crete’s northern shore, scheduled bus trips may be found. See what’s on offer at your hotel or resort.


Finally, if you’re coming from Paleochora, you may take a boat. The boat departs Paleochora at 10 a.m. and returns from Elafonisi at 16 p.m. As opposed to driving, using the ferry allows you to take in the scenery while also saving time. Sea conditions must be good for the boat to run, so check the local forecast the night before.


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