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Koules Venetian fortress Heraklion (Castello del Molo)

Koules Venetian fortress Heraklion – Castello del Molo

You may get a good view of the stronghold from a variety of locations in Heraklion, even if you don’t plan to visit. However, if you have a few minutes to spare, I strongly recommend paying the EUR 4 entry price to see it from the inside. There is a lot of information on the history of the castle on the ground level, including cannons and amphorae that Jacques Costeau found while diving in the area.

The view from the top floor is spectacular.

A Venetian coastal stronghold located near the ancient harbour’s entrance.

It was erected by the Venetians to guard the pier and port prior to the construction of the new Venetian fortress. It was last built between 1523 and 1540 to replace another structure wrecked by an earthquake.

It has been regularly restored as a result of the sea’s powerful waves, which have always caused damage to its masonry and foundation.

It was constructed of large stone blocks and had two storeys.

There are 26 rooms on the ground floor that were used to lodge captains or store food and munitions.

There are battlements on the top floor for mounting canons.

Turkish alterations include the higher sections of the castle and the present foundation of the minaret. Relief plates with the lion of St. Mark, Venice’s emblem, stand out on the outside of the castle’s major sides.

During the Turkish occupation, the Turks tortured and imprisoned Cretan insurgents in the castle’s gloomy and damp chambers.

Today, the castle is available to the public and, during the summer, it is utilized for a variety of cultural activities (art exhibitions, music, theatre).


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