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Tickets for the Cretaquarium From €8 – Guide 2023 – Q&A

Tickets for the Cretaquarium.


Tickets for the Cretaquarium. Take a look at our guide to the Cretaquarium Thalassokosmos in Heraklion if you’re looking for family-friendly things to do. You have my word that your children will enjoy every minute of our stay.




Tickets for the Cretaquarium

What’s CretAquarium?


The Cretaquarium is Greece’s first major aquarium. 2000 marine creatures from 200 different species are housed in the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR). The Cretan and Mediterranean seabeds are shown in the 60 tanks.


As a tourist, I’ve only been to the Mediterranean Aquarium. However, Cretaquarium is also involved in animal welfare and educational projects behind the scenes.





Is There A Good Way To Get To The Cret Aquarium?

Near Gournes, around 15 kilometers from Heraklion, lies the aquarium. If you’re driving, you’ll want to use the VOAK as your route (the national road that connects towns on the northern coast of Crete). Just after you pass through the village of Gournes, abandon the road to drive over to Dinosauria Park, Planet Crete Planetarium, the International Exhibition Center of Crete, Gouves animal refuge and the Greek Center for Marine Research.

If you follow the road signs to CretAquarium, you’ll arrive there in due time. There is a bizarre terrain to traverse, with abandoned structures and ruins littering the ground. Don’t be alarmed; just continue driving. An unpaved road goes to the seashore, where you’ll find Cretaquarium. Parking is completely free in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to the aquarium, there is also a beach nearby, however it becomes quite crowded on the weekends.


The ruins of Knossos are a must-see while visiting Crete.

The Cretaquarium is just next door if you go to Knossos first thing in the morning. Just beyond the public parking lot of Knossos, you’ll see a sign for Cretaquarium. It’s a good thing they placed this sign up there, since that’s how we found the aquarium.


Where Can I Purchase CretAquarium Tickets?

At the gate, you may purchase tickets. The normal admission price is 10 Euros from April to October. Only 6 Euros will be charged to those over the age of 65 and youngsters between the ages of 5 and 17. Children ages 0 to 4 are admitted free of charge. All types of tourists pay 6 Euros for admission throughout the winter.

Additional services may be accessed. On the Cretaquarium Thalassokosmos website, you may see the whole list of fees.


Cretaquarium online tickets

You may save a few Euros by purchasing your tickets online. To view the current price and to purchase a ticket, go to this page. CLICK HERE


Cretaquarium Visiting Tips

Visiting the Cretaquarium on a Saturday or Sunday should be done in the afternoon to avoid the large crowds. Before lunch, most families with little children like to visit the aquarium (and before their kids start longing for their afternoon nap).


You should expect to spend between one and two hours during the appointment. In all, there are 60 tanks with awe-inspiring marine life. These natural wonders will keep you entertained for a long time.


Photographs are permitted. As a result, photographing in low-light circumstances might be challenging. Bring a tripod if you can to keep your camera stable.


The whole time you are in the building during a pandemic, you must wear a mask.


You may wish to bring water and a snack for the kids in case there is no store nearby.



Tickets for the Cretaquarium

CretAquarium opening hours

Every day of the year, 7 days a week, CretAquarium is available to the public.


Seasonal Opening Hours ( 1st November – 31st March) 9:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, seven days a week
Summer Opening Hours (April 1st – October 31st) are everyday, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



CretAquarium tickets. price / charges.


General Admission Fee: 6€ (1/11 – 31/03)
Children aged 0 to 4 years
Entrance is free.
Children aged 5 to 17
Adults above the age of 65 are considered seniors.


The entrance price – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

The entrance price for all categories is decreased to 6€ for the winter season (01/11-31/03).



Visits for groups of more than 20 people may be arranged.
Discounts are available.


Individuals with disabilities: 6€

Aquarium Members Get Free Admission
Tourist Guides with Free Admission
Additional Services Included With Free Admission

Devices with audio guides
Tour with a Personal Guide for 3€

100€ for a Behind-the-Scenes Guided Tour120€ for a group of up to ten people
Children’s special guide

Members of the Aquarium’s card get a discount of 100€.
The first family member will be charged 20 euros, and each subsequent family member will be charged 10 euros.


A Tour Guided – Tickets for the Cretaquarium


Explore the many exhibits at the Aquarium.
Species names are displayed in nine languages on the tank labels at CretAquarium (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech).


Touch displays in the aquarium’s hallways provide guests with more information on the Mediterranean Sea as they explore the facility.


The following tours are available to anybody interested in learning more about CretAquarium’s resident creatures, the aquarium’s functioning, or the ecology of the marine environment.


Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Devices for Providing Direction Through the Use of Audio

During your visit to CretAquarium, the audio tour (headphones) is the perfect companion. With small, user-friendly gadgets containing recorded explanations, comments and analysis, visitors have the option to study at their own speed according to the preferences they have.

With the help of headphones, you may take the tour (audio) in nine different languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech).

Price: 3 Euros


Get to know your guide better! – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Don’t miss a thing while you explore the Aquarium! There is the option of a special-trained Aquarium employee doing a guided tour of the facility. The guided tour lasts one hour and is available in Greek or English.
Please phone +30 2810-337888 to book and for additional information.
Cost: €100.00.


The CretAquarium Behind the Scenes Tour

More than 2,000 aquatic creatures, 60 tanks, and…thousands of questions! Is there a special way fish and sharks are fed? What is the source of the water used in the storage tanks? Exactly how can animals reproduce? What kind of treatment do sea turtles receive?
It is possible to go behind the scenes at CretAquarium if you are still curious in the Mediterranean sea after seeing the tanks and learning about the Aquarium’s daily operations.


Thalassokosmos’ technology, such as the methods used to produce animal feed and monitor storage tanks for safety, is on display here.
These quarantine areas are used for new animals’ acclimation, treatment of ill animals, and reproduction and development of certain organisms among other purposes.

Our expert CretAquarium staff will be able to answer any questions you may have!

Please phone +30 2810-337888 to book and for additional information.
There is a price tag of €120.
There is no additional price for youngsters who are accompanied by an adult.


One-of-a-kind experience for “little adventurers”

A fun and interactive tour designed particularly for a small group of youngsters. Children who come to the Aquarium with a strong sense of adventure and a desire to learn about the marine environment and its inhabitants will find themselves transported to the unique underwater world of the Mediterranean.
The tour lasts roughly an hour.
Call +30 2810-337888 to make a reservation or for more information.
Cost: €100.00.


e-Tour – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Friends who live in distant regions of the nation or abroad may now see the aquatic world of the Mediterranean and CretAquarium through webcam. It’s a live online tour where questions are answered as if they were being answered at the location. Schools, retirement homes, expatriate groups, and other organizations may take use of this service.

Because of technological advances, CretAquarium is able to play a socially beneficial function.

The e-tours are only available to those who request them.
Please phone +30 2810-337888 to book and for additional information.
It will set you back 50 Euros


Tickets for the Cretaquarium

What’s the best route to take – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

The CretAquarium complex is located near Gournes, 14 kilometers from Heraklion and the International Airport Nikos Kazantzakis, the old American base. It is accessible by the national highway, which links it to the region’s most popular locations.


A former American military base near Gournes, Heraklion, Crete now houses the CretAquarium – Thalassokosmos.
+30 2810-337788 phone number


Members of the Club Card Club Card Member of KartAquarium

Two admissions to CretAquarium are less expensive than one KartAquarium membership, but it means so much more to us.
The Aquarium’s efforts and operations are bolstered as a result of the growing number of our friends, and we are grateful for their support.


What are the advantages for the card holder? You get a year of free admission to CretAquarium, as well as savings at the Aquashop souvenir store and free electronic information on CretAquarium’s happenings.


Have fun as a family exploring CretAquarium’s underwater environment or give the card as a gift to someone you care about!


The first family member will pay 20€, and each subsequent family member will pay 10€.


How can I get my hands on a KartAquarium?’

From CretAquarium, Yours Truly (former American Base, Gournes, Heraklion)
Cash on Delivery (COD)

The application form for the KartAquarium may be downloaded here, filled out, and sent to with the necessary details.
Submit a Request Over the Phone

To get your card, please contact the Aquarium’s customer service department at +30 2810-337707, which is open from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


Please contact the Aquarium’s Members Service Department at (+30 2810-337707 daily) if you have any questions or concerns.


The CretAquarium hosts a variety of events. – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Aside from being a significant European aquarium, the Aquarium of Crete has a unique connection with its visitors and is open to hosting events like as conferences and meetings as well as wedding receptions and exhibits.


Parties for children – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

The Aquarium of Crete creates unique events for children in accordance with the requirements of some of the world’s greatest museums!
Children at CretAquarium have a blast as they learn, explore, and become more conscious of the marine environment thanks to the aquarium’s kid-friendly programs, excursions, and games.


Parties may be held in the projection room or, if the weather permits, outside in the Aquashop.
Approximately 3 hours in length.
For the general population,
Members of the Aquarium pay 150€ a year.


At the Aquarium for Dinner – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Did you know that the CretaAquarium offers dining options? Is this something you’d want to do? See this.
The Price Is Available Upon Request
You may reach us at +30 2810 337788, +30 337888


Café – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

At the CRETAquarium’s café, you may take a break from discovering the mysteries of the Mediterranean aquatic environment.

Enjoy a coffee, soft drink, or snack in a seaside setting that is both attractively planted and refreshingly cold.


The Water Store – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Everyone can find a home at “Octopus.”

Gifts and souvenirs are available for purchase at the CRETAquarium gift store, which is located on the ground level and is open to the public. Octopus, as its name implies, is aimed towards people of all ages. The octopus, a symbol of wisdom, kindness, and gentle manners, serves as a model for our business, which aims to become a PLACE accessible to everyone, locals and non-locals, young and old, men and women.

Aquarium and marine world-themed decorations, souvenirs, and toiletries are all available for purchase in the store, which is open to adults. In addition, our small friends may choose from a wide range of imaginative and aesthetically pleasing toys and creations. As a reminder, all the goods for sale at CRETAquarium have been thoroughly vetted by the aquarium’s personnel, with many of them coming from local businesses in an effort to support the local community.

Octopus may be accessed in two ways. One is in the Aquarium’s lobby and does not need a ticket, while the other is situated on the second level and requires a ticket purchase.

CRETAquarium’s hours of operation mean that the shop is open every day of the week.

Members of the Aquarium get a 25 percent discount on all purchases when they present their membership card to the retailer (the membership card can be obtained from the reception of the Aquarium after applying for it).


What are the best modes of transportation from Heraklion Bus Station to Cretaquarium?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I travel from Heraklion Bus Station to Cretaquarium for the least amount of money?

Driving costs €2 – €4 and takes 15 minutes to reach from Bus Station Heraklion to Cretaquarium.


How can I travel from Heraklion Bus Station to Cretaquarium as quickly as possible?

You may reach from Heraklion Bus Station to Cretaquarium in 15 minutes or less by taxi, which costs between €22 and €25.


How far is it to the Cretaquarium from the Heraklion Bus Station?

There is a 13-mile distance between Heraklion’s Bus Station and Cretaquarium. There are 16.7 kilometers in driving distance.


To go to Cretaquarium from Heraklion’s bus station, where do I go?

You may take a bus from Heraklion Bus Station to Cretaquarium in 26 minutes and pay between €5 and €9 for the service.


How much time does it take to go from Heraklion Bus Station to Cretaquarium?

Including transfers, the trip from Bus Station Heraklion to Cretaquarium takes around 26 minutes.


Is it possible to drive to Cretaquarium from Heraklion Bus Station?

The 17-kilometer drive from Bus Station Heraklion to Cretaquarium is, in fact, an option. Bus Station Heraklion to Cretaquarium is a 15-minute journey away by car.


Heraklion: Admission to CRETAquarium

Experience\sHighlights CRETAquarium


The Mediterranean Sea’s beautiful underwater environment awaits you.
Explore one of Europe’s biggest aquariums, which takes you from the open sea to coastal zones and rocky caverns.

Over 250 different types of marine life may be seen by looking into the water from one of the 100 various viewing spots.


Description in its entirety – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

A one-day pass to the CRETAquarium lets you explore the ocean’s depths. The CRETAquarium, one of Europe’s biggest aquariums, houses more than 2,000 aquatic species in 60 different habitats. Stingrays and rock-like scorpionfish may be found in the Mediterranean’s caves and fissures. Make your way to the broad seas, where hungry sharks are circling in anticipation of your arrival.


Shallow, open-topped tanks provide a unique vantage point from which to see well-known species such as schools of colorful tropical clownfish and colonies of jellyfish. Above all, you’ll have a newfound respect for the environment’s almost limitless variety.


After you’ve gotten your fill of admiring the sea life, why not take a dip? The location of the CRETAqurium is ideal, since it is directly on the sand.

  • Entrance fee is included.
  • Passenger transportation to and from the Aquarium
  • Charges to your own account
  • Covid-19 safety measures
  • Safety precautions are in place.
  • We regularly clean any locations that come into contact with our consumers.
  • To avoid overcrowding, the number of visitors is restricted.
  • Requirements for the traveler
  • Wearing earbuds is not an option!
  • You must wear a mask at all times.
  • There is a form you need to fill out before you may go
  • Temperature checks are essential.
  • Participants and a date should be selected.
  • Child (5 years and up) a child (Age 4 and younger)

Click HERE for 141 reviews for CRETAquarium Admission Ticket. Reviews from customers


Cretaquarium –  Q&A – Questions and Answers

Are Cretaquarium any English speaking staff?

All of the residents in the area are fluent English speakers. You won’t have any difficulties communicating in Crete since the majority of the population is fluent in English.


Is Cretaquarium a car park?

Free parking is available in a fairly large lot nearby.


Is it wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, it is.


The aquarium is just a short walk away, but I don’t want to spend a bunch on a cab to get there. Buses will be our primary mode of transportation.

Are there any taxis available on the street that will take you to the aquarium entrance from the nearest bus stop?

The distance from downtown Heraklion to the Aquarium is 14 kilometers. “Candia taxi,” “Cretataxi,” “Radio taxi Knossos,” “Cretevantaxi,” and “Club taxi” are the “blue circle” taxi businesses, according to their website. People who utilize them are assumed to get better deals. We had a vehicle, so I don’t know. Heraklion Taxi Services have received positive evaluations on the travel site “trip advisor.”

However, taxis are available at the Aquarium’s entrance. There is a bus every 20′ and 30′ throughout the summer and winter seasons, respectively. By typing in and selecting English, you may get additional information about the public transportation system.


Do you have the opportunity to swim with sharks at CretAquarium?

It’s not possible. There are only aquariums.


From Heraclion Airport, is there a bus that takes me in Cretaquarium?

Every 20 minutes, you may take the public transit from Heraklion to the Aquarium.


What is the difference between Cretaquarium and Aqua world in Hersonissos?

If you’d want to see some reptiles in Chersonissos, there’s another park nearby. Aquaworld is located in Hersonissos Port, 100m from Bus Stop Number 20 50m from Supermarket Chalkiadakis.


The establishment of Greece’s first major aquarium – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

The construction of a huge and contemporary marine aquarium in Crete was both a task and a goal for the local scientific community and the Cretan people as a whole. Many thanks to the old Institute of Marine Biology of Crete and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, both of which have made valiant endeavors to bring CretAquarium into being, as well as the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.


There are millions of people from all over the globe that travel to the Mediterranean every year to see CretAquarium’s expertise in showcasing the unique biodiversity of the region. A total of 1,700,000 litres of sea water, 60 tanks of various sizes, and 2000 marine critters, 200 of which are found in the Mediterranean basin, make it a perfect representation of the Cretan and Mediterranean seabeds. The CretAquarium also provides educational programs and other creative services, cures wounded creatures, and regularly adds new marine species to its collection, which is always being updated.


With the long history of Mediterranean marine research at the Center, the Aquarium’s competence in presenting Mediterranean species and habitats is supported. Each year, millions of tourists go to the Mediterranean Sea to see its incredible variety, as well as the historic cultures that thrived there.


Every visitor gets the chance to experience the Mediterranean’s marine life up close, learn about it, and be captivated by it, all while helping to ensure its long-term sustainability. At CretAquarium, the attractions become educational resources, and the encounters elicit critical thinking.


Aquarium of Crete – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

Aquarium of Crete is part of THALASSOKOSMOS (the HCMR complex in Heraklion, Crete). The largest Mediterranean marine research, technology, and entertainment complex that has established its role and its development of scientific knowledge and discoveries in Marine Science, with a goal of achieving the following goals:


have the potential to serve as a vehicle for disseminating HCMR and ocean science in general, as well as the future of human-ocean interactions.
use current methods and technology to show the richness of Mediterranean fish species, as well as their habitats in a manner that will enthrall both youngsters as well as adults, while also educating the public.

Together with the visitor, discover, appreciate, experience, and take action on marine challenges for years to come.
to strengthen the long-standing connection between Mediterranean sea dwellers and their natural surroundings, as well as to spur discussion about how to best save and manage the region’s fragile ecology.

Create a distinct brand for the aquarium in order to stand out from the rest of the tourist attractions in Crete and provide a distinctive kind of entertainment.
participate in ongoing research on sea organisms that can be adapted in controlled settings, to have a modern research infrastructure and great access conditions for researchers and young scientists to be an incubator of innovation in marine biology.

financing of the organization’s operations.


The Aquarium as a Research Site – Tickets for the Cretaquarium


The Aquarium of Crete performs an essential role in scientific experimentation. We can now monitor the life cycle and behavior of the animals in captivity thanks to modern infrastructure. The function of the cameras on the outside of certain tanks, which you may have seen, is the same. However, behind the scenes at the Aquarium, where the quarantine facilities are housed, research is ongoing.


We put a lot of effort into studying “lessepsian migrants,” or non-native animals that have been impacted by tropical food webs. Sea turtles, marine mammals and invertebrates are some of the endangered and protected species that we devote a lot of time and resources to.


We take on the task of caring for injured or ill animals that are released back into the wild when their treatment is complete with the help of local authorities and environmental organizations.

At the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, the biggest marine experimental tank facility in the Mediterranean, we work closely with the Aqualabs, a scientific facility.


Activities – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

A variety of activities pertaining to the marine environment and marine research are organized, co-organized, or in which the Aquarium takes part in an attempt to teach, educate, increase awareness, and draw crowds visiting the aquarium.


The Aquarium offers a variety of educational and awareness-raising activities on a variety of special occasions, such as World Water Day, the release of new species in the Mediterranean, or the celebration of holidays such as Christmas.


CretAquarium – Education – Tickets for the Cretaquarium

CretAquarium places a high value on education.
CretAquarium’s major goal is to create public awareness and educate the general public about marine environmental issues in an ongoing effort to inspire appreciation for the unique Mediterranean marine environment.

Keeping this in mind, CretAquarium creates programs and events that make science accessible to the general public while also raising awareness of environmental issues.

In other words, one of the most important pillars of our work is the educational process.

For more than just a few days each year, CretAquarium organizes and conducts educational programs for students of all ages at all levels of elementary and secondary school, focusing on the Mediterranean marine environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about our educational programs for students at various levels of education, we invite you to check them out!

The Aquarium’s educational programs are led by professional museum educators, and they are revised each year.

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