Family-Friendly Acropolis Tickets – Types Prices Guide 2024

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Acropolis Tickets for Families: Types, Prices, and Buying Guide

Family-Friendly Acropolis Tickets. Exploring the Acropolis is exciting for families. This guide helps you understand ticket options and prices.

Official Acropolis Ticketing Site Guide 2024

Ticket Types For Acropolis

  • Standard Ticket: Lets you see everything. Great for a full visit.
  • Reduced Ticket: Cheaper for students and some others.
  • Family Package: Saves money for families.
  • Group Ticket: Good for groups of 10 or more.
  • Combo Ticket: Gets you into other places too.
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*The Family-Friendly Acropolis Tickets may be purchased at any of the places mentioned above in Athens. If you prefer, you may book a tour online at Click here.

Prices For Acropolis Tickets

  • Standard Ticket: About €20 for each adult.
  • Reduced Ticket: Usually €10.
  • Family Package: Between €30 and €40.
  • Group Ticket: Depends on the group size.
  • Combo Ticket: About €30 each.

Buying Guide

  • Online: Best choice. You skip the long lines.
  • On-Site: Possible but might take time.
  • Travel Agencies: Sometimes they have special deals.

Best Time to Visit the Acropolis with Family 

  • Morning: Fewer people and cooler.
  • Weekdays: Usually quieter than weekends.

Tips for Families

  • Sun Protection: Bring hats, sunscreen, and water.
  • Comfy Shoes: Needed for walking.
  • Strollers: Hard to use on the paths. Carriers are better.
  • Rest Spots: Use them for breaks.


The Acropolis is a fantastic place to see. Picking the right ticket and planning makes your visit better.


Ultimate Acropolis Family Combo Ticket 2024: Your Athens Adventure Simplified

Get the Best Deal Online

For just €33, get the Ultimate Acropolis Combo Ticket. It’s the best deal to see Athens’ famous sites.

All-in-One Ticket

This ticket gives you access to seven top sites, including the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, and Roman Agora. It’s a time-saver and money-saver!

No More Lines

With this ticket, skip the long lines. It’s great for quick entry to famous spots.

Your Athens Journey

Start at Acropoli Athinon, 10558 Athens. Here, ancient history awaits you.

Explore with Ease

The combo ticket lets you visit each site once over five days. It’s perfect for a relaxed tour.

Kids and EU Youth Go Free

Children under five and EU youth aged 6-24 don’t pay. Just show an ID or passport.

Security Check Reminder

Skip the ticket line, but remember, security checks are still there.

Before Purchasing Please Note
The Official Ticketing Site for Acropolis Tickets online | GUIDE 2024 The Official Ticketing Site for Acropolis Tickets online | GUIDE 2024

Before Purchasing from the official website of the Greek government Please Note

Parthenon and More

Yes, the ticket includes the Parthenon and other iconic places like Erechtheion. It’s a complete Athens experience.

Your Time, Your Pace

With five days of validity, explore Athens without rush. Discover each site on your terms.

Customer Thoughts

Jamie and Paige love this ticket. It’s easy and lets you see more without extra costs.

Book Now for the Best Experience

Get your ticket online, with instant delivery. Use it on your smartphone too.

More Tour Options

From €67, try the Athens Pass for more places. Or join a guided tour from €30 for deeper stories.

Ready for Athens?

Check our visiting guide for tips. It’ll help you make the most of your trip.

All Set for Athens

With the Ultimate Acropolis Combo Ticket, visiting Athens is easy and fun. It’s your all-in-one pass to the city’s ancient treasures. Book now and start your journey!

Enjoy Athens at Your Own Pace

The combo ticket is more than just a pass. It’s a chance to explore Athens your way. Walk through the ancient streets, marvel at the temples, and feel the city’s history around you.

Visit Athens’ Best

The ticket covers Athens’ top attractions. See the majestic Acropolis, wander in the Ancient Agora, and explore the Roman Agora. Each site has its own story.


Experience the History

Athens is full of history. With this ticket, see the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Library, and Aristotle’s School. Immerse yourself in over 2500 years of history.

Kerameikos: A Hidden Gem

Don’t miss Kerameikos, the ancient cemetery. It lies along the Eridanos River, a place of peace and beauty.

Theatre of Dionysus and Odeon of Pericles

Discover where drama was born at the Theater of Dionysus. Then see the Odeon of Pericles, Athens’ first roofed building.


Skip-the-Line: Family-Friendly Acropolis Tickets

This feature means you spend less time waiting and more time exploring. It’s great for busy travellers.

Valid for All, with Special Benefits

The ticket suits everyone. And, it’s extra good for families and EU youths.

Perfect for First-Time Visitors

If it’s your first time in Athens, this ticket is a must. It covers all the must-see spots.

Make Memories

Your trip to Athens will be unforgettable with the Acropolis Combo Ticket. It’s your guide to the best of the city.


Get Your Family-Friendly Acropolis Tickets Now

Book online for instant delivery. Start planning your Athens adventure today.

Plan Your Trip

Use our guide to prepare for your visit. It has tips and info to help you enjoy Athens.

Ready to Explore Athens?

With the Ultimate Acropolis Combo Ticket, you’re all set. It’s your key to unlock the wonders of ancient Athens. Don’t wait – book your ticket and start your adventure!


Extra Tips for Your Acropolis Visit

Before You Go

  • Buy Tickets Early: This saves time. Plus, you might find online discounts.
  • Check the Weather: Plan your visit for a sunny day.
  • Pack Light: Only bring what you need. Heavy bags are hard to carry around.

During Your Visit

  • Follow the Map: It helps you see all the important spots.
  • Take Photos: But remember, no flash photography inside the museums.
  • Guided Tours: They can be informative, especially for kids.

For Kids

  • Activity Books: Some are available at the entrance. They visit more fun for kids.
  • Educational Games: Check for mobile apps that offer games related to the Acropolis.

Food and Drinks

  • Snack Breaks: There are places to eat near the Acropolis. Try some Greek snacks.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep water with you, especially during summer.


  • Stay Together: It’s easy to get separated in crowds. Plan a meeting spot.
  • Be Careful of Steps: Some areas are slippery.

Enjoying Your Trip

Remember, the Acropolis is not just a historical site. It’s a place full of stories and wonders. Taking your time to enjoy each part makes the visit memorable. Have fun, learn, and experience this amazing place with your family.


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