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Acropolis tickets online. Greece’s Archeological Sites and Museums offers online Acropolis tickets. Every tourist to Athens wants to climb the Acropolis, which costs tickets to the Acropolis of Athens.

If you’ve never done anything like this before and did not know how to get the cheapest Acropolis ticket online – watch this. We show you how to buy Acropolis tickets in Athens in less than 5 minutes.




In the center of Athens, a majestic citadel encircled by the remnants of ancient temples stands. The most well-known of them is the Parthenon in Athens.

Tickets for the Acropolis may be bought as a single admission at the ticket gate or in advance online. Alternatively, you may purchase a ticket that also includes admission to one of Athens’ other ancient sites.

To make things even more convenient, you may purchase skip-the-line tickets and sign up for one of the many available guided walking tours.

From the official Greek government website to numerous ticket kinds given by legitimate ticket and tour operators, this page explains your options.


The data on this page was last updated and/or reviewed on, 3 January 2024.
Prices for visiting the Acropolis in 2024




Buying Tickets for the Acropolis and Ancient Sites in Athens, 2024

During April and October, a standard ticket costs €20 per person.
From 1 November to 31 March, a normal ticket costs €10 (US$11).

The historic citadel is included in the Acropolis admission price. Among these are the Parthenon and Erechtheion, as well as the North and South Slopes of Mount Olympus. Which, among other things, has a view of Herodes Atticus’ Odeon and the Theatre of Dionysus).

Purchasing a ticket, on the other hand, entails more than just knowing the cost. To begin, certain people qualify for discounts. Combination tickets, skip-the-line tickets, and city passes are just some of the ticket options offered. The optimal solution for you will be determined by many variables. Include the amount of money you have to spend, the length of time you have available, and any extra Athens attractions you want to visit.


Acropolis tickets online – As a buyer, I provide advice and ideas.

Tickets to the Acropolis are based on my previous visits to Athens since 2023.  (last visit 15 December 2023).

Acropolis tickets online – Quick links

The following are quick links to the Acropolis tickets we currently have available:
GetYourGuide Click HERE <-  (which offers free cancellation)

Or Tiqets Click HERE <-  both provide skip-the-line tickets (does not include free cancellation).

Combining Acropolis Museum admission with Acropolis Museum admission is a common purchase.

Continue reading this page to learn about all of your tickets choices before visiting the Acropolis of Athens.

If you decide to buy any of the items has suggested on this page, will get a commission at no additional cost to you.


Acropolis tickets online – Standard Admission Tickets

To visit the Acropolis, you must pay an admission price of:

During April and into October, it costs €20.
From November 1 to March 31, the price is €10.

You may purchase a basic ticket on the day of the visit at one of the two ticket offices located on the Acropolis, or you can purchase it online in advance.

People who qualify for free or reduced admission to the Acropolis will find a complete list at the bottom of this page, including those who do not.


The Acropolis is open to everyone.

On designated Open Days, all ancient sites, monuments, and museums in Greece are open to the public free of charge for everyone visiting..

This is when: 6 March (Melina Mercouri Memorial Day), 18 April (International Monuments Day), 18 May (International Museums Day), September final weekend (European Heritage Days), 28 October (Oxi Day), and the first Sunday of every month from November 1st to March 31st (all included).

There’s no way to reserve a space online; you’ll just have to show up with the other hundreds of applicants.

The Acropolis on ‘Free Entry for All’ days has been documented in stories and images, therefore I shall not waste my time there.

The number of persons taking advantage of the free entry is still substantial.

Visit late in the day to take advantage of the free admission if you’re on a tight budget (or early, but many tour groups go early).
Visiting the Acropolis and Other Ancient Greek Relics a list of open and closed times

During the summer, the archaeological sites are open from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. (beginning 1 April). 8:00 a.m. to 17:00 on weekdays throughout the winter.


The Acropolis Athens and Acropolis ticket offices are where I need to get my tickets.

If you didn’t buy a ticket in advance online and don’t mind taking a risk, you’ll have to use the ticket vending machines on-site to get a ticket to the event.

Underneath the Acropolis‘ main entrance lies the main ticket office. Even on busy days and weekends in the winter, lines to the Acropolis are short (20-30 minutes at the busiest periods). Follow these suggestions if you want to avoid standing in line for more than two hours in the summer.

You may also purchase a ticket as part of a package deal from this page. Keep in mind, however, that the unique ticket may also be obtained at the doors of each of the participating archaeologies.

To bypass the Acropolis ticket office’s summer lengthy lineups, visit one of the alternatives listed below (there are never long queues at these sites).

Even if you buy the special ticket there, you’ll still have to pay €30.

You won’t have to stand in line to see the Acropolis anymore since you’ll be able to enter the site anytime you choose. After purchasing, the multi-site ticket is good for five days.

A ticket kiosk may be found at the Dionysus Theatre, near the entrance. There are generally fewer people in line here than at the main gate.

Is it possible to buy an Acropolis ticket in advance online?

For a single admission ticket or a multisite/combination ticket, you may buy Acropolis tickets online from 2018. (outlined below).

Note that buying an admission or combo ticket online only eliminates the need to wait at the box office for actual tickets. There will be a queue to go to the Acropolis, and you will have to wait in it. Skip-the-line tickets and guided tours are two options for skipping the queue.


If you buy your Acropolis tickets online

If you buy your tickets online, you will have to stand in the same queue as everyone else when you arrive at the station.

Visit the official e-ticketing facility of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports to buy your tickets online.. Please note that this is the official government website of Greece and that Archaeology Travel is not associated with it in any way. Step-by-step instructions with screenshots may be found at the bottom of this page, which is accessible in both Greek and English.

Fans hoping to get a jump on the season will be let down when they discover that they will be unable to buy tickets online. You can’t buy June tickets on the official website in January, for example. This will have to wait till the 1st of April to be completed and implemented. This is because winter and summer airfares are so disparately priced.

Similar to this, tickets in August are only available until the end of October at the time of purchase.


Another incentive to buy tickets via our GetYourGuide Click HERE <- partners is that you may book your seats in advance.


Acropolis tickets online – PLEASE READ THIS before PURCHASING

Everyone would be excused for thinking that purchasing from the ‘official website’ was safe. FALSE!

When people tell me they’ve purchased their tickets in error (using the incorrect dates) or that they need to adjust their vacation arrangements because of a mistake, I get a slew of emails.

This department received a letter from them. Unambiguous response: “bad luck. Read the Terms & Conditions.” Refunds or exchanges for tickets bought in mistake are not possible with official suppliers. Your plans cannot be altered, thus you will have no way to do so. Please double-check the dates/number of tickets and the end date before submitting your order.

The above-mentioned readers were very lucky to get a response as well. New emails are denied since the mailbox is always full. This isn’t a bluff or a ruse. I can’t show screenshots of emails I get due to data security and privacy issues. Although it’s unfortunate, buying from the official website is a risky business.


For these reasons

I highly recommend obtaining a ticket through one of our reputable partners on the GetYourGuide website (see the section below under ‘Skip-the-Line’).

You have up to 24 hours’ notice to cancel your purchase and get a full refund. But you can’t receive a refund from these suppliers, how come?

Put another way, they take your reservation and purchase in bulk so that you don’t have to worry about it. The great feedback I’ve had from readers leads me to feel that the additional money is well spent.

A step-by-step guidance will be provided at the foot of this page if you are positive of your dates and cautious. It will take you from the Greek language landing page to the final page in the procedure.



Acropolis tickets online – What’s the Acropolis line like?

Even in the off-season, the lines at the Acropolis‘ two gates may be rather long.

Take a tour of the Acropolis or purchase a ticket that allows you to bypass the queue and dodge the crowds. Third-party service providers can legally use these.

It’s best to utilize the GetYourGuide app since all service providers are properly verified, and they have a customer service staff that’s available 24/7. You can also cancel your reservations up to 24 hours in advance using the app. Following that, we’ll recommend some suitable tickets.


Acropolis tickets online – Acropolis Skip-the-Line Tickets

Genuine Acropolis Skip-the-Line Tickets may be purchased online, and the process is simple and secure. We suggest GetYourGuide and Tiqets for their dependability and security.

GetYourGuide offers a €25 skip-the-line ticket. For more GetYourGuide Click HERE <- 
Tiqets offers a €22.90 skip-the-line ticket.

Because of this, the GetYourGuide ticket allows free cancellation with a full refund up to 24 hours before the event.

Tiqets tickets are nonrefundable unless an additional €2.75 nonrefundable charge is paid up ahead; this is not the case when purchasing Tiqets tickets.

Also, a guided tour is not included. There isn’t any kind of audio guide available. Nothing exists. Simple, regular-priced skip-the-line tickets are all that’s required.

Booking fees are included in the prices shown above, which are more than the general admission ticket price of €20. And it’s only good for one visit to the Acropolis and the slopes on its north and south ends.


Tickets purchased

When you place an order, you’ll get a confirmation email along with further instructions in the mail. Tickets purchased through GetYourGuide must be exchanged for actual tickets*. Tiqets allows you to purchase your ticket online and have it sent to you. You can then print it off or save it on your mobile device and use it to bypass long lineups at the Acropolis entry.

The Key Tours office is situated at 26 Athanasiou Diakou Alley, near the Royal Olympic Hotel, where you may purchase your ticket. Three minutes’ walk will get you to the Acropolis Metro Station. You will get your ticket and no further booking costs will be applied.

Avoid the crowds by going straight to the South Acropolis Entrance (Dionysus Theatre), which is about 400 meters away.

Please remember that you may cancel this reservation up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund in addition to skipping the queue.

As a result, if your plans change or you realize you made a date error (this happens – I get emails about it), cancelling at least 24 hours in advance will allow you to get a full refund. No refunds will be given if you make an error or alter your plans after purchasing your tickets from the official website. Time and peace of mind savings are up to you to weigh against the cost of booking.


Acropolis tickets online for numerous visits/locations

Combined or Special Package Tickets are a good idea if you want to visit other important archeological sites in Athens.

These tickets are legitimate since they are issued by and sold by the Greek Ministry of Culture, which has jurisdiction over the venues. So the ticket may only be bought at the door of each participating location or on the Ministry of Culture and Sports’s website (link below).

To skip both the Ticket Office queue and the lineups at the two Acropolis gates, you must have a multisite/Combo ticket purchased in advance online.

There is no winter discount on the combined ticket, which costs €30 per person year-round.


What are the benefits of buying a ticket bundle in addition to the individual tickets?

As with other combination tickets/passes and packages, the answer to this question is contingent on the number of destinations you want to visit. The Combo Ticket is valid for seven days at FIVE locations. The price difference between the summer and winter rates for this particular ticket bundle is enormous.

For the duration of the summer, the Combo Ticket costs €64 to enter each location separately (1 April to 31 October). The Combo Ticket may be paid for by going to the Acropolis (€20) and the Ancient Agora (€10), for example. The Acropolis, as well as two of the other seven monuments on the itinerary, are well worth seeing.

During the summer, you may get a 50 per cent discount when purchasing a single-entry ticket for each venue (see the list below for eligibility). The Combo Ticket isn’t eligible for a discount of 50%. Paying the reduced admission price at each location will cost €32. You’ll save money by purchasing the Combo Ticket (€30) only if you visit all seven locations (€32).

If you’re not eligible to free admission, everyone pays half-price (50 percent off) throughout the winter (1 November to 31 March) at all seven locations (see the list below).

Summer discount

Those who qualify for the 50% summer discount will not get an extra 50% off the reduced charge.

The Combo Ticket does not have a seasonal discount. As a consequence, entrance to each of the seven locations costs on average €32 throughout the winter (unless you qualify for free entry). That’s just an extra €2 on top of the Combo Ticket. The Special Ticket Package isn’t worth it if you’re just going to one or two destinations this winter. Except for the Archaeological Site of Lykeion, your trip will be a financial loss.

As an example, if you don’t make it to the Roman Agora, you’ll be out €2.


In which archaeological sites is the combo ticket included?

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece

The most sacred spot in the contemporary city is the With its world-famous archaeological site, Athens is the city’s most notable draw.

For ancient Athenians, it was the most significant place of worship. The Acropolis was not the heart of the Athena religion until the 11th century BC, even though it had been inhabited since the Neolithic. Most of Athens’ monuments date from the 5th century BC, when the city was at its height of power. The Parthenon, Greece’s most iconic religious building, sits atop the Acropolis. Another well-known building is the Erechtheion.
Admission for one person is €20 (a saving of €10).


Acropolis tickets online – North and South Slopes

Even though most tourists to the Acropolis make their way to the top, the mountain’s northern and southern slopes are equally interesting.

The buildings atop the Acropolis‘ slopes are a testament to the region’s religious and cultural importance in ancient Athens.

In addition to the well-preserved Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Theatre of Dionysus on both slopes, there are several sanctuaries, temples, and sacred caves to explore.

Ancient Peripatos Street links the two slopes together, hence they both qualify as a single place.
There is no additional charge for the North or South Slopes, as long as you pay the reduced Acropolis entrance ticket of €10.

The Ancient City of Agora

Apart from serving as Athens’ primary food and retail market, the Agora also served as its political and judicial nerve core. Many ancient temples’ ruins may be seen here, but the Temple of Hephaistos, which is particularly well-preserved, is the main attraction. Since it was transformed into a church in the 7th century A.D., it has done very well. The Agora and the Acropolis are seen from the temple.

For a little additional charge, visitors may also explore a museum housed in the ancient Stoa of Attlas, which has been restored to its former glory. This museum has a significant collection of items on display.
Entrance Fee: €10 (reduced by €5) for one person


The Roman Forum

The Ancient Agora may be found not far from the Roman Agora, which was built in the first century B.C. Keep an eye out for the inscription on the building’s foundation mentioning Augustus and Julius Caesar as contributors. In the agora, there was a large courtyard surrounded by commercial constructions such as stoas, restaurants, and so on.

Although they are not located inside the agora’s modern boundaries, the public restrooms and the octagonal Tower of Winds, which was built for astronomical reasons and houses a hydraulic clock, may be found near outside.

The “eight winds” are depicted in magnificent carvings on the tower.
Entrance Fee: 8€ (reduced to 4)

Acropolis tickets online – Site and Museum of Keramikos Archaeology

The ancient city of Athens’ northern suburb is home to Kerameikos. This neighborhood used to be a haven for potters, as implied by its name. However, the oldest and biggest Attic cemetery may be found here.

A tumulus mound, family graves, and individual columns are all found on the archaeological site, which is surrounded by walls. As part of your ticket, you’ll also have access to the nearby Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos. The museum exhibits objects gleaned from ancient Athens’ shifting burial practices, including those found during the city’s archeological digs.
Admission for one person is €8 (a saving of €4).

Lykeion is a kind of lykeion that is distinct from the others.

Recent rescue operations uncovered the remains of an ancient palaestra. Lykeion Gymnasium, a well-known university in Seoul (Lyceum). According to historical records, this area was formerly home to Aristotle’s school of philosophy. As the name implies, it takes its origins from the Apollo Lykeios shrine, which was built before the gymnasium. However, no traces of this temple were found throughout the archeological investigation at the location.

Visitors may now see a portion of the palaestra where ancient wrestlers and boxers trained, covering a surface area of 0.25 hectares (50 x 48 m).
A single entrance costs €4 (now €2), a saving of €2.


The Hadrian’s Library in Rome is only one example of this.

Athens received Hadrian’s Library as a gift from the Roman emperor in 132 AD when it opened its doors to the public. Hadrian was a cultured Hellenophile who left a lasting impression on the city via his many contributions.

You may enter today from the west, through an impressive Pentelic marble façade with a colossal Corinthian propylon, which serves as an entrance to the area.

This rectangular peristyle library had an internal courtyard of 122 meters by 82 meters. East of the temple complex lies the ‘library,’ which housed the ancient papyrus manuscripts. At the excavation site, a tiny display space houses a massive statue of Nike and other discovered items.
A single entrance costs €6 (formerly €3).


The Olympieon’s major draw is the massive Temple of Olympian Zeus, which is one of the oldest and biggest temples in antiquity.

Despite its massive size, you can’t see the monument from the fence; instead, you have to stand at its feet to grasp its magnitude (16 of the 104 columns remain).

Aside from the massive temple, other urban structures such as a Roman bath house, several residences, a 5th-century basilica, and pieces of the city wall may be located.

One of the busiest streets in Athens is just adjacent to Hadrian’s Arch, which is only a short walk away from the archaeological site.
Admission for one person is €8 (a saving of €4).

A visit to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum

Seeing the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum together is a no-brainer.

The Combo Ticket does not include admission to the Acropolis Institution or any other Athens museum. These museums don’t have exorbitant entry costs. For an extra €2, Get YourGuide >> offers an excursion to the Acropolis Museum and Archaeological Excavation.

Avoid the crowds at both locations if you’re just interested in checking out the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum (rather than other sights in the area): The Museum and the Acropolis >>

Another popular option for the Acropolis Museum is a Skip-the-Line Ticket with an Audio-Guide.

Acropolis Guided Tours – Acropolis tickets online

Tickets for the Acropolis may be bought online for €45 at GetYourGuide for a pass for a Guided Acropolis Tour.

On top of that, you’ll get to avoid certain queues and have a one-and-half-hour tour with an expert local guide.



Choose from a wide range of walking tours provided by GetYourGuide.

The length of the trips and the locations that are visited on them vary. Entry costs are not often included in these passes, even if they enable you to skip queues. It’s possible that some customers already have a multi-site pass or are entitled to discounts as a result of this.


Audio tour

People who want some kind of guide but not a human-guided tour often opt for the skip-the-line ticket with an audio tour.

You may avoid the queue and get an audio tour of the Acropolis for a modest cost. You just need a smartphone and a pair of headphones.

Skip all the lineups and enjoy a guided audio tour of the Acropolis, complete with supporting facts and an offline interactive map. This app is only accessible in three languages: English, French, and Spanish, and it’s available for Android and iOS users. Clicking Here Will Bring You to More Resources & Specifics >>

It’s hard to beat the five-hour trip to Athens, which includes stops at the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum, and it’s also the greatest value. It’s the tour I suggest year-round.

If you want to see the Acropolis, the Royal Gardens, and the ancient Royal Palace in addition to the Panathinaikos Stadium and the Acropolis Museum in person rather than with an audio guide, you may obtain a guided tour of Athens for €84.

Both the Acropolis and the museum are included in the €84 tour cost. GetYourGuide Click HERE <-  allows you to reserve this certified walking tour in advance online.

The best Acropolis tours and skip-the-line tickets may be found in our list, which includes over 60 alternatives for tickets and guided tours.



When is Acropolis open?

Acropolis is open:

Sun - Sat 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Buy tickets in advance on GetYourGuide Click HERE <-.


How much do Acropolis tickets cost in 2021?

Acropolis admission prices can vary. Entrance tickets currently cost $15.39, while a popular guided tour starts around $11.84 per person.


Do I need a guide for the Acropolis?

The Acropolis Pass

In addition to touring the Acropolis, you may visit the Acropolis Hill, Hadrian’s Library, the Ancient Agora, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Agora, the Kerameikos, and Aristotle’s School with one ticket. There is no guide and you utilize the “skip the line” waiting at each archaeological site.


Should I buy Acropolis tickets in advance?

Go at 8 am when they first open and avoid the throng. You don’t need to purchase tickets in advance if you do this. There won’t be a lengthy queue. Just take a cab to the gate, pay your tickets and you may even get there soon enough to watch the hoisting of the Greek flag by some troops.


How long should you spend visiting the Acropolis?

Average speaking you need roughly 1.5 – 2 hours to mount the hill and visit the monuments of the Acropolis. Of course, you may spend as long as you want shooting as many images as you desire, then add some more walking and photography time to it.


Can you see the Acropolis for free?

Free Entry to the Acropolis for All

During designated Open Days all tourists enjoy free entry to all archaeological sites, monuments and museums in Greece.

Some persons are eligible for free or reduced admission to the Acropolis; a complete list of those who are eligible may be seen at the bottom of this page.

The Acropolis is open to everyone for free.

On designated Open Days, all tourists to Greece get free entry to all ancient sites, monuments, and museums.

The dates are March 6th (Melina Mercouri Remembrance Day), April 18th (International Monuments Day), May 18th (International Museums Day), September’s final weekend (European Heritage Days), October 28th (Oxi Day), and the first Sunday of each month from November 1st to March 31st.

The Acropolis Museum

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis tripadvisor


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