Autorentals in Crete – [WARNING] Do NOT Blindly Trust Everyone

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Autorentals in Crete



Autorentals in Crete. Are you still searching for the cheapest car rental in Crete?


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Don’t get ripped off while renting a car in Crete, Greece! Our tips and tips will help you save big and avoid common mistakes and scams. We want you to hire a car in Crete and spend your money wisely, comfortably and enjoyably. Follow our guide to rent a car in Crete easily and for the best price.

Renting a car in Crete is the best way to discover this island, with its beautiful beaches (Malia, Matala, Elafonisi, Krissi), archaeological sites (Knossos, Phaistos), towns and villages of the interior (Rethymno, Chania), mountainous areas (White Mountains, Lasithi Plateau) and more!


Do not put your faith in everyone.

  1. Do not blindly trust everyone. Prepaid cars are cheaper than paying at the airport.


Hire a car from a reputable rental provider.

2. In order to get the best deal on a car in Crete, you should book from a trusted rental company. All major companies allow you to do this online, and avoids the hassle of lines and paying a booking fee at a travel agency. Make sure upon booking that you get your car from a reputable company with good customer service.


Book a car in Crete online to receive the best bargain.

3. To get the best deal on a car in Crete, book online. Major companies will allow you to do so, and this eliminates the hassle of waiting in line or paying booking fees. Make sure you choose a company with good customer service should anything go wrong.


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Is insurance required to hire a vehicle in Crete?

4. Many individuals wonder whether they need rental car insurance. You are not required to get insurance on your own.

Car insurance is usually provided by the car rental business, and it covers all of the cars in their rental. Each kind of insurance protects a vehicle against certain hazards, so it’s a good idea to check out what’s covered before renting an insurance.
We recognize that insurance isn’t something you want to be concerned with when traveling, so we’ve made ours as simple as possible.

Our Premium Insurance will safeguard your rental! You are not obliged to pay any extra if the car is damaged or stolen, as long as the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions.


Renting a Car in Crete: How Much Does It Cost?

5. You can now easily compare rental car pricing online, thus most of the major rental car businesses offer rates that are quite near to one another. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t browse around.

When browsing online, be wary of rental organizations that utilize gimmicks to make rates seem cheaper. They achieve this by employing a ‘from’ pricing, with the real price disclosed later in the booking process, so you won’t give up and go elsewhere. They also present the price excluding tax, which means you’ll need to pay another 20% to the shown amount.

Renting a smaller car is obviously cheaper than renting a bigger one. Less add-ons (additional drivers, GPS, etc.) means less money. Also, I find that little, unknown organizations may attempt to scam you off in the fine print, so read everything before booking!


It’s now easy to hire a car in Crete before you arrive.

We believe the advantages are tremendous. You’re not only ‘guaranteed’ the car you want, but you’ll pay less for it since you pre-booked. Approaching a car rental counter unannounced is bad for your money.

Don’t worry if you can’t pre-book. Rental companies seldom run out of cars (and if they do, you can pop next door to a competitor). It may imply fewer options, which is important if you need something particular, like an automatic.

You’ll also be charged a higher premium for the same car, and you’ll spend more time at the rental counter than on your trip. I generally advise folks to schedule a car rental 24 hours in advance.


Where to Pick Up a Rental Car in Crete

6. If you arrive in Crete by plane, hire a car at the airport. Car rental is available at Heraklion (HER) and Chania (CHQ). Renting a car at the airport saves time while flying in and out. It’s also convenient to fly into Heraklion and pick up a car rather than driving into car.

The ideal area to pick up your car is at the airport since it saves you time and money by not having to go into town (and probably some heavy luggage too). Even if the rental firm charges an airport premium, it may be beneficial renting from them.

However, Heraklion’s main center contains rental car agencies and ferry piers. This is a nice choice for individuals using the boat and not flying.


Choose a Return Rental

7. Even in the same city, one way rentals are nearly always pricier. Try to pick up and drop off your car at the same spot to save money.


Choose the Perfect Car Rental in Crete

8. In Crete, the size of a car rental is important.

When hiring a car in Crete, you’ll want to go for a smaller car. What’s up with that? The roads in Greece are small, and most of the automobiles are as well.

Routes may even reduce down to a single winding lane for both lines of traffic in certain instances. In this instance, there will be ‘passing areas’ where you may pass each other.
Crete Car Rental Style

Another factor to consider when choosing a rental car is the number of persons in your party and the amount of baggage they will be carrying. Two-door vehicles are wonderful for traveling about (and really simple to park), but they don’t have much leg room in the rear if those seats are utilized, and they clearly have less trunk capacity.

When renting a car in Greece, keep your requirements in mind. Families of three or four may find it difficult to squeeze themselves and their hardside baggage into a compact car.
Type of transmission

Finally, you’ll be able to choose between a car with a manual or automatic gearbox. In Greece, manuals are by far the most popular cars; it was there that Cameron was obliged to learn to drive a stick. If you’re willing to drive a manual car in Crete, you’ll have a larger selection.

As a consequence, they are usually less expensive to rent. Automatic transmissions are also available if you don’t want to drive a manual gearbox and change gears yourself. Just make sure you specify this option when making your reservation, since each car lot only has a few automatics available.


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How to hire a car in Crete? Complete your homework

9. Are you unsure how to hire a car in Crete? Always remember to do all of your schoolwork first. We conduct our homework online before making a rental car reservation. To obtain an estimate of how much a car rental will cost, we usually start with or other price comparison websites. We always proceed to the booking since third-party booking engines often offer exceptionally cheap pricing that will be increased at checkout.


Autorentals in Crete and Fuel Options

10. You must know what sort of gasoline your rental car needs before picking it up in Greece. There is a difference between diesel and unleaded gasoline. On rental automobiles, there is usually a sticker near the gas cap to remind you of the fuel type.

You must return your rental car with the same quantity of gas as it was delivered to you. Please don’t turn up late since the rental car firm will charge you an exorbitant fee to fill it back up.

On Crete, gas stations are few and few between, and many do not stay open 24 hours a day. Don’t expect to be able to fill up at midnight unless you’re in Heraklion.


Select Navigation as an option.

11. There’s no question in our minds that GPS is invaluable while travelling over unfamiliar routes. Having a GPS kit (also known as Satellite Navigation or SatNav) that focuses on navigation allows you to focus on driving rather than reading every road sign you pass.
Navigation systems are also important since they may suggest alternate routes to take you around congested areas if necessary. The most contemporary versions will also show you the speed limit on the road, which is measured in miles per hour, much as in the United States.

That isn’t to suggest that you must acquire the GPS add-on with your rental car. You’ll be able to access the data network if you have a mobile phone with a local SIM card, which means you’ll be able to utilize smartphone navigation applications like Google Maps.
If you don’t have a local SIM card and don’t want to pay a lot of money for international roaming, you may download a Google Map on your phone while connected to WiFi. If you neglect to do this, you may have to wait until you arrive at your hotel to download a map using their WiFi. – ( Autorentals in Crete )

It is illegal to use a mobile phone to make calls or send/receive SMS text messages while driving in Greece. You may use your smartphone for navigation, but it must be completely hands-free (e.g., securely stored on the windshield), and you must not configure navigation while the car is operating. If I’m being honest, you’ll notice a lot of Greeks driving recklessly, and cops are few and far between.


Inspect Your Crete Car Rental

12. The rental car representative will often ask whether you want them to tour you around the vehicle or if you want to do it alone. Before driving off the lot, you must thoroughly inspect your Greek rental car. If they refuse to show you around, do your own comprehensive investigation and take careful notes on everything.

The agent will usually begin on the exterior of the car, pointing out any existing bumps or scrapes and making sure that any damages are documented. This will also ensure that the car is safe to drive. – ( Autorentals in Crete )

Before leaving the parking lot, make sure you know how to control the headlights, indicator lights, and danger lights on the interior of the car. You should also know where the windshield wipers and horn are located.

Make sure you know how to adjust the driver’s seat, how to enter reverse gear, and how the parking brake works (is it a typical manual one you pull up or a contemporary computerized one) (which often requires you to push a button of some sort first). They will also assist you in setting up the GPS if you have chosen to use one.

Remember that if you don’t like what you see, you should demand on a different car if you see cigarette burns, broken mirrors, or cracks in the glass; these must be documented before leaving the parking lot. You may be charged for the damages if you do not return the rental in good condition.

You might be penalized for damages if someone else went into a railing before you and you didn’t see it when you picked up the rental car. This is my most crucial rental car tip: always check every single rental car you acquire thoroughly, inside and out. – ( Autorentals in Crete )


Is it necessary for me to hire a car in Crete?

13. Crete may make your head spin if it’s your first time driving in a foreign nation. Drivers speed and drive dangerously, and the roads are twisty, slick, and full of potholes.
However, if you take the appropriate care, you will have a pleasant driving experience in Crete. A few things to keep in mind:

Always keep an eye on what’s going on around you.
Be on the lookout for rockslides and road debris.
I’m serious when I say watch out for folks driving on the wrong side of the road.

Many roads feature a shoulder lane, which you should (and are expected) to use if you are driving slowly. This permits people who drive quickly to pass you. If you don’t, you’ll receive a lot of furious glances and honks! If you aren’t already following this unstated rule, you will be soon. Drivers behind you will soon begin flashing their lights at you, indicating that you should move over. – ( Autorentals in Crete )

Before crossing the road, look both ways. A motorist does not have to stop just because a signal turns red.
In the midst of the mountain roads, keep an eye out for goats, sheep, and pigs.

Many of the roads in Crete are mountain roads with hairpin curves. The one down to Stefanou Beach was the scariest. Take it easy on these routes. These routes are often ignored by GPS, resulting in lengthier journey times.
Please fasten your seatbelt! Wear your seatbelt at all times, it should go without saying.


On the island of Crete, scooters and mopeds are popular.

14. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for scooters and mopeds being driven by residents and visitors in Crete. A motorcycle is a popular mode of transportation in Crete, and you’ll see them everywhere. Keep in mind that they should be handled with the same care as a car. Because mopeds have a tendency to drive recklessly, don’t be shocked if they suddenly pull out in front of you! – ( Autorentals in Crete )


Rent a car in Crete at least 24 hours ahead of time.

15. This is another another excellent car rental suggestion. You’ll locate the greatest car rental pricing online ahead of time, just as you would for a trip. In fact, if you reserve a car with less than 24 hours notice, your charges are likely to rise.

If you get off the aircraft expecting to just stroll up to a car rental station and hire, you’ll be astonished by the exorbitant pricing. We try to hire a car with at least 24 hours notice if possible. If you want a car on short notice, smaller independent suppliers that can negotiate a fee with you may be the best option.


Only use one driver

16. When considering how to hire a car, you may wonder whether you should include other drivers. If you wish to add a second driver, you will almost always be charged an extra driver cost. If the trip isn’t lengthy, you may wish to assign a driver to remain behind the wheel instead of paying for an additional person. – ( Autorentals in Crete )


Driver’s License and Age

17. You must be of a specific age in order to use a car rental service in Crete and Greece. The minimum age is 21, and some car rental companies refuse to rent to persons over the age of 70. If a motorist is under the age of 25, he or she may be charged a young driver fee.

Drivers must wear their seatbelts and those of their passengers at all times, regardless of their age. If the driver is traveling with a kid under the age of four, he or she must get child seats for the car rental they will be driving in Crete.

Car rental services in Crete have licensing requirements in addition to the age restriction. Drivers seeking car rental services in Crete must have a valid driver’s license that has been in their possession for at least one year. They must have an international driving license or a European Driver’s Permit if they are not inhabitants of Greece or the European Union.


Autorentals in Crete and Input Mileage

18. The majority of car rental firms in Crete provide cars with unlimited mileage, although some do levy mileage fees for the vehicles they rent out. If the agency charges mileage fees, they will keep car of the miles on the car both when you hire it and when you return it. If you are only allowed to drive a certain amount of miles per day or per rental, you will be charged for any distance beyond that restriction. – ( Autorentals in Crete )


Autorentals in Crete – Tickets issued by the police

19. Any police citations you get as a result of breaking Greek traffic regulations while driving a rental car in Crete are entirely your responsibility. However, if you get a police ticket, you should contact the car rental firm from whom you rented the car. Because police fines in Greece may be expensive, you must strictly adhere to Greek traffic rules, such as adhering to speed limits, wearing your seatbelt at all times, and parking only where it is permitted.


Autorentals in Crete – Return and Delivery

20. Car rental firms in Crete often claim that they will pick up and drop off their vehicles for free at the airport, any hotel, or any port on the island. This is especially true if the place you’ve chosen is in the same or close proximity to the agency’s office.

If you are in one part of Crete and wish to hire a car in another – for example, if you are in Chania and the rental car business is in Heraklion – you will have to pay an extra cost to have the car transported to you, unless you want to keep the car for more than a week. – ( Autorentals in Crete )


Autorentals in Crete – Return of a late car

21. When renting a car in Crete, be sure you return it on the specified day and hour. If you don’t, you’ll be charged extra costs equal to an extra day or two of car rental. Additionally, only return the car on days when the agency’s office is open. You will be held accountable if anything happens to your car if you leave it there when they are closed.


Autorentals in Crete and Cancellations

22. You won’t have to worry about cancellations if you have to cancel your car rental in Crete reservation. When you request a cancellation, you are really assisting the agency in better managing their fleet.

However, you must determine whether or not to cancel your reservation as soon as possible. Choosing a car rental in Crete is a choice that cannot be changed once made.

You must also notify the agency as soon as possible if you decide not to proceed with the Crete car rental. You will be charged a fee if you phone them too late or do not show up to pick up the car using the credit card information you provided when you initially booked the reservation. – ( Autorentals in Crete )


Autorentals in Crete and Pets

23. Pets are permitted to travel in the rental car you obtained in Crete as long as you take the necessary safeguards. When driving about in your rental car in Crete, keep your pet on a harness or a pet carrier. Furthermore, you should line the place where you will be placing your pet with a blanket or a towel to avoid damage to the car’s upholstery. This helps to keep stains and pet hair off the upholstery. If you don’t vacuum and deodorize the car fully before returning it to the agency, you’ll be charged a cleaning fee.


Autorentals in Crete

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